Boiler Repair Service

Common Issues For Which You Need To Summon Boiler Repair Service

Modern boilers are high tech machines. They are strong and stubborn and serve you incessantly at the hour of your need. But does imply that these machines never malfunction. They malfunction and when they do, they must be dealt with only and only qualified and skilled technicians. Remember, tackling boilers is not anybody’s cup of tea. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that the best technician is hired to deal with the faulty boiler. If you are in Cambridge and looking for the best boiler repair service provider, Heatpro Heating and Plumbing is the best name to turn to. We are home to some of the most skilled and qualified boiler repair technicians having in-depth knowledge about boilers and access to cutting edge tools and technology. 

On this page, let us discuss the most common issues faced by the boilers. 

The pilot light keeps getting out 

It is a small gas burner, which is kept permanently alight permanently on the boiler. When this light keeps on getting out, that is a red flag. In fact that is a very common phenomenon that can be caused by issues as trivial as a drought blowing it off, or due to accumulation of impurities around the nozzle. However, there can be a more serious cause behind it, like a faulty or broken thermocouple. The thermocouple is a safety gadget attached to the boiler to detect the change in the temperature of the pilot light. 

The boiler making weird noises

At times, the boiler may start emitting weird banging, whistling, banging or even gurgling noises most likely by air in its system. Low water pressure or a faulty and failing pump may be the most probable cause behind this issue. So whenever you hear a strange sound generated by the boiler, you need to summon a technician from a local plumbing service in Cambridge without any delay whatsoever.  

The gravity or the nature of fault entirely depends on the nature and severity of the sound that the boiler is generating. For instance, if you hear a gurgling sound, it in all probability is caused by bleeding radiators. 

A knocking sound is emitted by the contraction and expansion of the heating pipes. 

Boiler Failing to generate hot water or is not heating up

The very purpose of a boiler is generating heat and providing hot water. If it fails to do so, that means the very purpose of installing the boiler is defeated. You must summon the best boiler repair service near your location. 

Leaking boiler

As the name suggests, this fault is all about the boiler leaking or dripping water or other fluids. Our experts offering boiler repair in Cambridge will use all their expertise and experience to plug in the leakage, once detected. 

While these are the major and most common issues faced by the boiler, there are some other problems like low boiler pressure, cold radiators, kettling boilers,  boiler unresponsive to thermostat, frozen condensate, frequent switching off of the boiler, and so on.

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